Meridian Swimming Pool



The Meridian Pool Offers These Awesome Feautures

UV Sanitation System: The possibility of bacteria growth and the spread of illnesses in our bodies of water is nearly impossible!

Salt Water Chlorination: Silky smooth skin, come see for yourself! 

ADA Compliant Lift: Anyone who might need some assistance getting in and out of the pool can enjoy our facility! 

High Dive (3 meters): The only outdoor high dive in town, come show us your best trick! 

Low Dive (1 meter): If you aren't quite ready for the high dive, then take a leap off this board!

Kiddie Pool: Shaped like Mickey Mouse, 6 fountains and 3 Funbrellas providing plenty of shade, what an awesome area for parents and their young kids! 

720 Degree Vortex Slide: Climb a ladder 12 feet up and twist your way into our main swimming pool in an enclosed water slide! 

10 foot Tube Slide: Take the stairs to the top, then slide into the shallow end of our main pool. 

Two Basketball Hoops: Think you can make some buckets? Come and prove it!

Heated Water: Our water is nice and warm for your enjoyment (82-84 degrees)

5 Funbrellas and Canopies: Want to hang out in the shade while the kids play? We have got you covered! Free admission if you aren't swimming, just come enjoy the family friendly environment. 

Lounge Chairs: 25 lounge chairs are provided for optimal sun bathing and relaxation. We also have benches, picnic tables and chairs for plenty of seating!
Noodles/Goggles: Rent one of our colorful noodles for $.50 or purchase a pair of goggles for only $4. 

Sound System: Great sound on all areas of the deck with family friendly music playing. There's also some quiet areas located throughout the main deck and kiddie pool.