Meridian Swimming Pool



"Emma has been taking lessons for 3 years and has gone from level 1 to 6. She loves her instructors and always looking forward to going to class."

 Andrew S.

"Meridian Pool swim instructors are awesome with working with kids. We did lessons two years ago and I was impressed. Two years later and a new group of instructors and I am even more impressed with how they hired instructors that know how to work with kids that are at different points. All three of my kids want to do lessons again next summer at meridian pool. Thanks for a great experience again." Kim T. 

"Amazing pool and swim instructors! The strides our son made during one session of swimming lessons was amazing! Thanks Meridian Pool." 
Tracy C. 

"Meridian pool is about a 5 min drive from our house, and there is always plenty of parking. Evening swim is awesome when both parents work. Always plenty of lifeguards on duty. Love the swim lessons, which are affordable and plenty of options for times. Super fun events during Dairy Days (belly flop, free swim, etc)." Carter H.